Grandpa and Grannies Practice Polygamy

85 yr. old Owen Allred has been married eleven times concurrently and before you say lucky bastard think this one through…wouldn't that give him eleven mothers-in-law too?

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Reality TV Show Host Becomes Highlight of His Own Show.

Ok we all have our guilty little secret shows we can't help but watch when no one is looking. The premise of the show Cheaters is that some pathetic soul thinks their man/woman is stepping out on them and the show goes on an oh-so-slick undercover mission to videotape the evidence and present it to the poor sap in some parking lot late at night. The payoff is when they take the cameras rolling to confront the Cheater in the act. This clip shows the host experiencing a little stabbing reality of his own.


30 yr old Muslim man legally divorces the little woman in his sleep. “Whups! Sorry baby that divorce thing was just a lil dream I was having…”

Whitney Houston goes off the deep end

You have to see this picture of Whitney Houston. What a mess!

Bawdy Britney Spears' Baby-Birthing

Ok i'm no expert on art but, I know what boys like.

Scandalizing sculptor Daniel Edwards has done it once again drawing loads of media attention to his latest celebrity creation baring the pop princess posing pertly on a bearskin rug as baby Sean crowns. Hold on now just a darn minute; Britney had a C-section…

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