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Check out the new addition of sexy gym girls working those tight glutes!

sexy gym girls

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The Cop That Arrested Charlie Sheen

crazy a whacko! According to this guy has reportedly written crazy letters/envelopes to Pres. Bush (43) and Osama Bin Laden..the envelopes posted as part of his “art portfolio” on his website. Also committing sex act in public..he called a “a symbolic reseeding of the earth” ..see below.

Good Riddance Double O’s


Redneck Video Disaster

Wouldn’t you love to have seen hers too? Hell yeah! You gotta wonder though..wasn’t there a crappy talk show that would’ve Paid him for this piece? *lol*

Redneck Video Dating Disaster – Watch more Funny Videos

Fallen Angel

Whups! Something about this just ain’t right..
fallen angel

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