Link Love: Tiger’s mistresses, Conan O’Brien & Lesbians

– One of’s models (Loredana Jolie Ferrilio) is now in the news for revealing her relationship with Tiger Woods.

– The Scores Report breaks down the latest on what Fran Tarkenton said about Brett Favre – and what he says wasn’t very polite.

– UNCOACHED uncovers a very serious subject that many people don’t often think about: When girls are overshadowed by their friends’ breasts.

– compiles 20 new job ideas for Conan O’Brien.

– MoonDog Sports wishes the sexy April Scott a Happy Birthday.

– has video of the unluckiest truck…ever.

– The Frisky has six secrets that lesbians don’t want you to know.

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Picture of the Day

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Obama Is Bipolar!?

ONN reports the White House has announced that President Obama suffers from Bi-polar Disorder and, after a three-year long manic phase of euphoria, has now entered the depressive stage. When asked if the VP Joe Biden would step in, and take over Presidential duties, the White House responded that it could worsen matters due to the VP’s very public ongoing struggle with Asperger’s Syndrome. Well God Bless the President and let’s hope the White House doctors have everything under control.

Beatles/ NIN Mashup

Link Love: Creatine, Michael Vick & Obama’s jinx

– fields questions and answers about fitness, including one about creatine and whether or not weightlifting will stunt kid’s growth.

– The Scores Report wonders whether or not Michael Vick is a good fit for the Rams.

– Screw going to the headmaster’s office. You throw a snowball at a teacher in Belgium, you get belted. (

– Moondog says that Obama jinxed Kentucky last night.

– Cage Potato introduces us to hot Brazilian MMA fighter Carina Damn.

– compiles the 10 funniest SNL sketches inspired by presidents.

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