The Top 10 Air Jordans of All Time

The Bachelor Guy breaks down the top 10 Air Jordans of All-Time. Which one(s) did you own?

As Mars Blackmon said, “It’s gotta be the shoes.” And for me it’s definitely all about the Air Jordan shoe collection.

Ever since I was a kid watching His Airness play, I was fascinated by all parts of Jordan’s game. A major part being his shoes. I felt they could make me fly just like MJ. Well, spoiler alert… they didn’t. But that’s about the only thing that let me down about the Air Jordan shoe line. And apparently, I’m not alone in my love for his kicks.

MJ has been out of the game as a player for years and Nike is still producing new Air Jordan shoes, and even reintroducing shoes from the past in their Retro Collection. The Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade loved the shoe so much, he dropped his own shoe from Converse and became the main spokesperson to promote the Air Jordan 2010. (Which is technically the Air Jordan 25. After the Air Jordan 23 shoe, Nike has stopped calling the shoe by the number, and used the year instead.)

To check out the full article and the rest of the top 10, click here.

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