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Chocolate Boat Sets Sail


Segway Company Owner Dies In Fall Off Of Cliff

..while riding a Segway!

Seabird: Mozzila Concept Phone


Judge Stuffed Nuts With Condoms

As reported by The Smoking Gun:

SEPTEMBER 29–A Pennsylvania judge from the village of Intercourse is facing a disorderly conduct charge for allegedly approaching women near the state Capitol and handing them acorns he had hollowed out and stuffed with condoms, according to cops.
When confronted by officers last Tuesday, Isaac Stoltzfus, a District Court judge, claimed the bizarre incident was a joke.
According to a September 21 citation issued by Capitol Police, Stoltzfus, 58, “did conceal condoms in acorns and then gave them to women who were offended when they discovered the contents.”
The citation does not disclose the size of the acorns Stoltzfus passed out, or whether the condoms had been used.
Stoltzfus, running as a Republican, was reelected last year to a six-year term on the bench, where he earned $80,927 in 2009.

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