Happy Halloween Coeds

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What Halloween Means To Me

Bird Hunted To Near Extinction

All due to its “unusual” call…listen for yourself:

Idiot Calls 911 To Complain About His Weed

Moron calls the cops to complain that his marijuana “was nasty” when he smoked it. The cops did a field test and determined that his bag of weed was in fact not marijuana. After all that the man could face a charge of possessing a counterfeit controlled substance.
HUH? He might be charged with buying a fake illegal substance? Seriously!! Isn’t it already bad enough that he didn’t get his dime bag. Come on…


pornkin Jack-o-lanterns for grownups. For the one curmudgeon on the block that reallly doesn’t want “those damn kids” knocking on his door demanding candy. There is not a parent on the block that is going to let their little darling come near your house this year. 😉

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