Scarface Lmtd Ed. on Blu-Ray

$1,000! Cocaine NOT included. The package will include a documentary on the film’s effect on culture, a scorecard feature (allowing you to keep track of the number of F-words said and bullets fired), a digital copy of the movie, a copy of the original 1932 black and white classic, and a new edition of the film (previewed below) that comes with a hand-painted humidor.

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i has had cheezburgers and i am fluffy

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Cracked Nuts

This guy popped a champagne cork into his unsuspecting friend’s nuts. Now that the champagne is open, they can drink to the end of their friendship and toast the friend’s inability to procreate. If only the video continued on to the bit where the guy on the bed pummeled the shit out of his dumbass friend. 😉

Champagne Cork Nutshot Surprise – Watch more Funny Videos


Do they really know what each other are sayin’? *lol*

50 Hot “Girls” That You Wish Were Real

Dating is so hard in this world – is it any wonder that occasionally we must turn to fiction to slake our barbaric lusts? In this list, the fifty imaginary women that really need to be brought to life by science somehow.

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