Eight Awesome Terrorists in Movies

“Q. How do you like your steak? A. Bloody.”

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He Swallowed A Frog

Mascot Is Not a KKK Member

The good citizens of Ocala have been mighty concerned lately about the man in the pointy-headed white hood waving at cars from a downtown street corner. “Is the KKK back in Florida?” they naturally wondered.
But no. Ocala’s most questionable street-corner display is simply an anthropomorphic ice-cream cone gone horribly, horribly wrong.
The Ocala Star-Banner took to the Interwebs this morning to clear up this raging misunderstanding: “Once and for all, people, it’s an ice cream cone,” the paper reported.

Sometimes and ice cream cone is just an ice cream cone…
ice cream cone


Now that’s what I call a cool tattoo.
portal tattoo

Faux Paw


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