Killing time with bingo

There are so many time-killers out there that you can just lost on the web. Of course you can watch videos, read about sports or just look at babes in bikinis all day. You can get caught up on all thee political news as well, listening to loudmouth idiots on both sides argue that the other side is destroying our culture. Fun stuff, but this one in particular can increase your blood pressure.

Playing online games is one of the best ways to kill time because it’s fun and it’s also stress-free. Well, at least most of them are stress-free. For guys that often involves a ton of fantasy football, baseball and basketball. Now that the NBA and the players have finally agreed on how to split their millions, guys can watch basketball and play fantasy basketball as well. Guys also love poker and other casino games.

For the ladies there are a ton of games as well, but they tend to pick games other than fantasy sports or poker which are dominated by men. Many women love to play bingo online which shouldn’t be a surprise since bingo halls are so popular. It’s also a game that people of all ages can play.

When it comes to time-killers, it’s all a matter of taste.

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Charlie Walton, inventor of RFID, passes away at 89

Walton pioneered the technology as a lone inventor in the 1970s and 1980s, but it came into its own in the last decade as the cost of making the tiny chips came down to a matter of pennies. Walton made a few million dollars from the invention, enough to keep him inventing technology for the rest of his days.

Research Beagles Go Outside For The First Time…

Ever. If you don’t shed a tear at this one, you must be quite heartless.
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Malls Halt Cell-Phone Tracking Of Customers

You may now shop two malls again without fear of individualized tracking—at least by your cell phone signal. Privacy concerns raised by US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) have ended plans by malls in southern California and Virginia to “survey” customers’ shopping habits by tracking their cell phone signals.

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