Revenge Websites

A new, and potentially hilarious, trend these days is ‘revenge websites’ that offer to help you get anonymous harmless or harmful (you choose)revenge on the ex that hurt you, the neighbor that annoys you, or the boss that torments you.
Services offered range from fake photos, disguised caller IDs, delayed emails with fake names that you select so that you can establish an alibi. Other services include “nuisance” anonymous calls that wake them in the middle of the night. You can buy a ten-pack for the low low price of $29.97! How about hiding your IP address and posting embarrassing photos of your ex? Perhaps list him on a gay website(if he is straight) or post him on a Christian celibacy site (if he is gay).

Granted, if you are busted, you face legal or civil difficulties.

Personally, if you need to spend this much time and effort on punishing someone, instead of just getting the hell out of there, perhaps your money would be better spent on therapy. Just sayin’…

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