Merry Christmas from the Griswolds


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Online Poker Strategies

Online poker has seen a surge of popularity in recent years, mainly because it’s available to play day or night and comes with a variety of options traditional casinos simply don’t offer.

For starters, many sites allow you to play poker for free. Others will match a certain percentage above your initial deposit. This is great for those wanting to play purely for entertainment, or brush up on their skills, without worrying about losing too much money.
Whether you play for fun or play to win, there are never any lines in online poker rooms, and there are virtually thousands of themed games to choose. With so many options and real money at stake, it’s important to develop a sound poker strategy before diving in.

Avoid Beginner Pitfalls

You should always start with low-stakes poker. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game, which is slightly different from casino poker. Online gaming has a different nuance to it, which is best figured out from experience.

Many people that play poker in USA online are avid players so they tend to play more than one game at once. This is a tactic called multi-tabling and professionals even use it in live tournaments, but it’s risky for the novice. Starting out, it’s important to play one table at a time until you experience consistent wins.

Create the Right Gaming Environment

Playing online poker in the middle of the family room can pose many distractions, which may cause you to lose money if you lose focus. Treat online poker like traditional casino poker. Sit at a desk in a supportive chair, preferably in a closed office away from distractions.

If you do get to the point where you want to try your hand at multi-tabling, it’s important to have a high-resolution monitor, an ergonomic mouse, and even a wrist pad. More than just being physically comfortable, these considerations will help you avoid eyestrain and pain from prolonged playing.

Be Persistent

You can’t expect to win right off the bat. Poker takes practice and persistence, so try not to give up too easily. There have been many reports of online poker players working their way up to multi-tabling, high stakes games, and massive payoffs. Although rare, none of these players would have gotten there had they not been determined to be the best player they could possibly be.

Above all else, have fun. Online poker may provide a few payoffs here and there, but it’s best experienced as an exciting form of online entertainment.

Surving the holidays

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The holidays are here, and for many people this is the best time of the year. You get together with friends and family, eat home cooked food, enjoy some cocktails and watch plenty of football.

But for many people, this time of the year can be a mini nightmare if you have one of those dysfunctional families, and the Wall Street Journal has a funny and frankly useful guide to surviving these get togethers. They call it “Dysfunctional Family Bingo” and it’s worth a read. Here are some examples:

Or consider this move from my mom’s playbook. Just before Thanksgiving this year, she called each one of her three daughters, who are nothing if not competitive, and announced that she would be awarding a “Miss Congeniality” prize at the end of the weekend.

Who won? Dad. “It wasn’t easy for him, but he held it together,” Mom says. Dad’s response: “Having everyone get along and be together was important to your mother. It was my job to stay out of the way.”

Cliff Mugnier, a 68-year-old surveyor and cartographer in Baton Rouge, La., minimizes conflict among his seven adult children by refusing to tell everyone in advance who else is coming to dinner. Rebecca Raibley, 61, a senior partner at a Boston investment relations firm, always invites a friend or two, so family members feel pressure to behave.

Greg Jensen, a 65-year-old retired human resources manager from Dallas with three sisters and a brother, visits just one sibling at a time. This year, he is meeting a sister in New Orleans for a five-day Christmas break. “I love all my siblings one at a time, but I just can’t take them all at once,” he says.

All of these are good ideas, but we have some ideas as well. First, if you’re traveling for the holidays and staying with family, make sure to plan some activities that take you out of the house. Go places. See other people. Just don’t spend all your time surrounded by people that will drive you nuts.

Also, plan on some time killers. Bring your iPad so you can catch up on movies, play games, use online time-killers like, or read some e-books. Or, make sure you have a deck of cards or even a chess board to kill time.

We also like the divide and conquer strategy mentioned above. Think about that when you’re planning activities. Take your mom to the mall, and your dad to a sports bar. Think about what works well on smaller groups and you’ll save yourself a ton of aggravation.

And finally, buy some good wine, craft beer or smooth Scotch. Anything that will dull the pain!

Booth babes in Bangkok

Our friends at have a great gallery of booth babes from the Commart Comtech Thailand 2013 trade show, a huge gadget and IT trade fair.

Hilarious Three Stooges violence

Most of us can’t get enough of classic Three Stooges slapstick and violence. Here’s an awesome clip, and now you can get the entire Three Stooges catalog on DVD! You can also follow the Three Stooges on Facebook for daily updates of stupidity.

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