Celebrities chase dreams at World Series of Poker

The popularity of poker these days knows no bounds, so you have tons of celebrities chasing dreams like winning the World Series of Poker. Everyone is obsessed with WSOP poker these days, with legions of poker wannabes are sharpening their skills online and playing as much as possible to hone their skills.

Can you blame the celebrities for getting consumed with poker? Many of them have more money than they know what to do with, along with a ton of free time. Frankly, is a much better way to spend their time when you consider how many celebrities destroy their lives with drugs and alcohol.

This year’s WSOP tournament attracted all sorts of celebrities, from actors like Ray Romano to athletes like Paul Pierce. The skill and results vary greatly, but the cool thing is that these guys are enjoying themselves and chasing a dream that they share with the ordinary Joe. One of my favorites is Jason Alexander, who has been playing in the tournament for years and seems to have a very healthy sense of humor about the whole thing as you can see in the video above. Big surprise! He’s also been chronicling his experiences in Las Vegas for the tournament in series of blog posts on the Sports Illustrated website. His “Talkin’ Flop” series is a great read for poker fans and fans of Alexander in general. In a way I’d love it if he did the whole thing as his “George” character, but that of course would be a poker disaster for him. He takes this too seriously to view it simply as entertainment. He’s also sporting a new hairdo as Alexander has put the balding George behind him.

In any event, many of us dream about playing in this tournament, but not everyone can follow through. It’s easier for celebrities, but really anyone can do it. So start practicing and saving your pennies, and maybe in a couple of years this can be you!

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