Creepy Donald Trump

When you watch this video that compiles some of Donald Trump’s strangest video clips, you’ll understand a little better the showmanship that has duped millions of people into thinking this clown can actually be president. The man has no shame.

In the world of entertainment, this is something to be admired. Even the very creepy video of Donald with Rudy Giuliani in drag can be pretty funny, though it’s even more cringe-worthy.

Unfortunately we’re now all cringing for different reasons.

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Worst Pop Band Photo Ever?

Fashion trends were pretty bizarre in the ’70s, but this one from ABBA is just hilarious.

Jennifer Lawrence talks sex toys

We love celebrities who feel free to talk about anything, and Jennifer Lawrence seems to fit into that category. Here she’s telling a funny story about a maid finding a bunch of gag gifts, which happened to be a bunch of butt plugs. Now even if she’s joking around, the sight of Jennifer Lawrence discussing sex toys is immediately arousing. The smile on her face makes the whole thing that much more enjoyable. Still, she now has to understand that “Jennifer Lawrence butt plugs” will be a phrase trending on Google search.

Sydney Leathers dishes on Anthony Weiner

She said he was a “needy little bitch.” In other news, Weiner’s poll numbers are plummeting.

Naturally, she’s considering a career in porn . . .


At approximately 8:30pm on a Monday evening at the Barnes and Noble Café, Union Square, this exchange between two strangers took place:

Middle Age Man: (upon noticing the young lady seated next him chewing on a piece of gum) Excuse me, could I have a piece of gum?

Young Lady: (with a half perplexed half confused look on her face) I don’t even know you.

Middle Aged Man: Well no, but it’s just a piece of gum.

Young Lady: Right. And because I don’t know you, I’m going to have to go with “no” on this one because I think its weird you even asked. I mean, next time at least strike up small talk that leads up to the mooching.

Middle Aged Man: Are you serious? It’s just a piece of gum. Nobody has ever said no to me before for gum.

Young Lady: I’m embarrassed for you that this is something you do often.

Middle Aged Man: Wow. What is it, like 25 cents? You can’t spare a piece of gum? Really?

Young Lady: Yeah so buy your own.

Middle Age Man: (scoffing) That kind of attitude will get you far.

Young Lady: So will begging people for gum.

The End.

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