Amazing Puppy Rescue on Busy Freeway After Car Crash

A puppy got loose on the freeway in Phoenix, AZ after its owner got into a car crash. Police had to block off the road to grab the dog before it got hit by the fast moving vehicle all around it.

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5-YR-OLD Dials 9-1-1 After Briefly Driving Car

turns out she was going to go look for Mom and didn’t want to admit to taking the car

Yike Bike

Segway move over. Your cheaper more convenient cousin has arrived. The YikeBike folds for easy transport, weighs 22lbs and can go over 6 miles on a single charge(with optional battery packs – even further)

Two And A Half Men-Sized Trailer

Check out Ashton Kutcher’s super-sized trailer on the set of Two & A Half Men.
triple wide double tall

“The Judge” Shot Man In Both Legs – While Driving

A man accidentally shot himself in both legs with his own gun(AKA The Judge), calls 911 howling in pain. Officers respond and eventually arrest the man. There were multiple forms of identification from different locations in the car so officers were not able to determine where he is from or where he was headed prior to be taken away by Lifeflight. Additionally, officers on the scene found marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside of the vehicle. Charges are pending.

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