JAMA Says Marijuana Not So Bad

In fact..according to takepart.com…the Journal of American Medicine published a study stating that marijuana users that smoke small amounts daily may have better lung function that non-smokers! Read more about it here.
Now, don’t be a dumbass and take this as medical advice, no medical degrees here. We are called TokSick for a reason 😉

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No Fooling

Lindsay Lohan’s video morph. 25 years in 60 seconds.

Females Store Sperm For Decades

According to Dr. Klaus Reinhardt from the University of Sheffield U.K.,they found that females do this by lowering the metabolic rate of sperm, so it can survive in their bodies almost indefinitely.
In one extreme example, biologists have shown that queen ants fertilise their eggs with sperm they’ve stored for up to 30 years. Normally, once it’s outside the male’s body, it doesn’t survive for long. The findings could explain why, in reproductive medicine, sperm samples aren’t necessarily the best way to predict if someone can father children or not.

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Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Is Going to Fail

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