Hilarious ad for bachelor party strippers

This video is so damn cheesy and funny . . .

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Watch this video to the end . . .

So cool . . . .

Jennifer Connelly discusses her merkin

Here’s a great video of Jennifer Connelly speaking with Jimmy Kimmel as she discusses how she needed a merkin for her new film. It’s hilarious as she also shares a photo of the merkin which will give her a nice, fluffy bush that fits the 1960s setting of her nude scene in her upcoming film.

Jennifer is obviously in line with today’s grooming standards given her need for the merkin, but you can see from her older films that she also sported a nice bush when she was younger!

Are all Trump supporters this lame?

There are plenty of idiots on Twitter, and so many of them seem to be Trump supporters.

Trump’s downfall

One of the best “Downfall” parodies yet . . .