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Topless coffee shop opens in Maine

This is the kind of news you love to hear.

It’s a tough time for businesses, but one entrepreneur may have found the recipe for success.

On Monday, Donald Crabtree opened Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine, where the waiters and waitresses serve their customers topless.

In a town with fewer than 4,500 residents, the topless coffee shop is booming with business. Paul Crabtree, the owner’s brother, describes business so far as “fantastic.”

“It’s just been crowds mobbing in,” he said.

Donald Crabtree faced initial opposition to his plan, but he won the right to go ahead in a planning board hearing last week. Many local residents were irate over the idea of combining coffee and nudity. Crabtree, however, saw a profitable business venture.

“I know what people want,” he said. “People like nudity, and coffee is profitable. Sure, I’d start a coffee shop, but I’d be out of work in a week.”

The flood of job applications — more than 150 — for Grand View Topless Coffee Shop reflected the rough job market.

We included a photo of a beautiful Bullz-Eye model instead of the photo from the article because CNN posted a pic of a dude. Naturally, a topless female wouldn’t have worked for trusty CNN. The ladies can click over the their visual. Hopefully we’ll get some sneak videos from this place posted on the web to see how nice the topless waitresses look.

It’s nice to see that American Puritanism isn’t ruling all parts of the country. Perhaps we’re loosening up a bit after the Bible thumpers were thrown out of office.

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