I Like Drinkin’ Beer!

Something to chuckle over and think about before celebrating Independence Day 😉

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Nakkie Protesting

What were they protesting? Umm….dependency on foreign oil…blah blah blah..here are the pics! 😉

And in other drunken news…

It just keeps getting better. Another publically drunken idiot was recently arrested in Alabama, after motorists saw him nude on the highway. The man was tasered four times before being subdued by police. He claimed he was both Jesus Christ and George Bush and that he would break free from the handcuffs he was placed in. Good times!

Um…that toilet is not a bath, sir.

More great news from grand old PA, where yours truly resides. A man in Lebanon, PA was recently “rescued” by police from a portable toilet. Apparently the dude was smashed out of his gourd, had taken off his clothes, and somehow got himself stuck in the holding tank of the john. The guy had to have been caked in some tasty diseases, I tell ya. Just say no, kids.

Rule #1 Of Drinking

Say it with me: Choose your drinking buddies wisely.

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