Guys & Dolls

Realdoll real-life relationships. Documentary about a freakish lifestyle. A man and his soulmate doll. I like to think of myself as really know..whatever floats your boat..but these rubber dolls can be used as boats eh? 😉

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Online Dating Guide

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Homemade Taser

..from a disposable camera. Stun and amaze your friends.


Federal government is interested in research regarding an “ID bracelet” that potential airline passengers could wear that would contain personal information about them and, get this, also deliver an immobilizing shock to them if necessary!

Pin Head

Chinese man sticks 2008 needles in to his head to celebrate the Bejing Olympics. This tops his previous pin-heading-Guinness-World-Record count of one thousand, seven hundred and ninety.

Mutilation or Art?

Zombie boy.

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