Chicks you meet in Miami


Miami is one of the best hookup cities you’ll run across. There are tons of tourists on vacation who are definitely in the mood, but the city also draws hotties from all over the place who want to live in this tropical playground. For guys that have game this place is just amazing. This article is hilarious as it gives a funny but very astute description of the 10 types of women you’ll run across in Miami. The ones we love the most are Miss College Chick, Miss AARP and Miss Miley Cyrus. We like them most because they’re the easiest. Browse through the list and you’ll learn something while you’re laughing. The main thing you’ll learn is that there are some serious hotties down there who will require some serious maintenance along with hits to your wallet. The young party girls are much easier to please and impress, and the older cougars are sometimes desperate for attention. We like going with the low-hanging fruit!

If you’re looking to replicate the Miami hookup experience you have to check out sites like XXX Sex Guides as there are tons of willing women who are just as intrigued with these kinds of experiences. The photo above is a barbie type we found on the web loking to hook up. Of course she’s looking for a sugar daddy but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a shot. She might fit into the tougher category, but after you read about the Miami girls you’ll see these same patterns showing up on the hookup sites. Look for the young party girls who will be more thrilled and impressed by a nice night out. They’re used to dealing with young losers who want to play video games all day. Also, the cougars have some serious sexual tension built up and can be very enthusiastic.

So if you can make to to Miami, have fun navigating through the different types of hotties you’ll find. But if you can’t, you can find a lot of similar action on the web. Enjoy!

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Harvard approves a BDSM club for students

Things are definitely changing. We came across this interesting story about Harvard and its decision to approve a BDSM sex club on campus. This isn’t a new thing, as S&M sex clubs have been sprouting up on campuses all across the country, particularly on Ivy league campuses. The popularity of erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey has certainly contributed to this trend.

Many things have changed since I was in college. The hookup culture has always been there but so many new ways have sprouted up. First, you had online dating of course, with things like adult dating sites making quick hookups even easier. Now things are even more in the open with these clubs. I want to go back to school!

Have you had enough of the royal wedding?

Just in case you needed even more info, here’s a helpful graphic for you loaded with stuff.

Actually, William and Kate came across as pretty cool kids, and Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton is already becoming an Internet sensation.

royal wedding william kate infographic]
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