She must have a thick skull!

Holy crap, that’s one crazy chick lol . . .

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LSU girls partying at tailgate

We can’t wait for college football season . . .

Drunk doctor chick goes crazy on Uber driver

This is hilarious, and the story gets even weirder as the nutty Indian woman in this video is a a neurology resident at Jackson Memorial Medical Center in Miami. Someone just ruined her career!

Drunk Girl Pranked

Now, it appears that the girls are supposed to be trying the cinnamon challenge…to quickly swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon…supposedly impossible to do. What actually happens, according to the video post…is that cayenne pepper is substituted. Now, they are two completely different colors, so who knows if she is wailing like a banshee due to the cinnamon or a hot pepper substitution.

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Who Doesn’t Like Drunk Chicks?

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