Planet Green

Tommy Lee and Ludicris duel over who is the greenest.

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Hey, is that a crazy new dance?

No, it’s just a poor gal having a seizure while the rest of the group dances on. Now that’s commitment, kids.

Poor Little Bad Boy

Hulk Hogan’s son wants released to home confinement because he is so traumatized by the conditions in jail.

Tatum O’Neal gets cracking

I’ll never be able to look at poor little Addie Pray the same way again. Yes, Tatum O’Neal has admitted she’s gone into a relapse after being arrested for buying crack. Guess some of those recent TV appearancs featuring Tatum talking about the bad old days and how she overcame them can all be wiped away once again. And now the official report (and enjoy the misspelling of her last name by the site reporting):

Clay Aiken Impregnates 50 yr. Old Woman!

No joke. Here’s the scoop on the baby mama. Didn’t know he had it in him. 😉

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