TV’s 10 Most Alpha Males

The ten most alpha males in television history.
Don Draper

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The return of Entourage and Cancer

Ari and Lloyd
Weekends like this past one make me grateful that the concoction of alcohol and vicodin I took last fall (while in the throes of strep throat) didn’t kill me. First, we had the premiere of episode one of the sixth season of Entourage and it didn’t disappoint as my favorite Gaysian character Lloyd (Rex Lee) and Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) continued to carry the show. It’s going to be fun to see what kind of stuff Ari makes Lloyd do in the next 100 days in order for Lloyd to “earn” his promotion. While enjoying Entourage’s return, I also learned that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has cancer. Kim Jong Il is a little monster that thinks it’s totally normal to send three generations of one family to prison if one member of that family is a political dissident.

Finally, that damn cancer scores one for the good guys – may the ‘Dear Leader’ die a slow, painful death!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler rocks Entourage

Meadow gives Turtle a hand-job! Wow – Jamie-Lynn Sigler had a pretty awesome guest appearance on Entourage, as she played herself and had an interesting encounter with Turtle, Played by Jerry Ferrara. Actually, there are rumors that the newly-single Jamie-Lynn and Jerry Ferarra have begun a relationship offscreen. Go Jerry!

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