Hilarious Three Stooges violence

Most of us can’t get enough of classic Three Stooges slapstick and violence. Here’s an awesome clip, and now you can get the entire Three Stooges catalog on DVD! You can also follow the Three Stooges on Facebook for daily updates of stupidity.

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Online Dating Guide

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You've got to brush up on your game to get the girl! Find your hookups with this online dating guide.

Facebook Sleeve Tattoo of 152 Friends

It would be funny as hell if all 152 decided to “unfriend” them right after..heehee!

Facebook Adds New Security Features

..like temporary passwords for instance. Say you are at your college library or airport and are leery about the security of the network, you can text FB to send you a temporary PW. It works for 20 minutes -then it expires. So, even if you “forgot” to log off, it would log you off after 20 minutes. Also, key-loggers aren’t normally “instantly” used. So by the time they are “put to use” your password has already expired.
Now, mind you if your phone gets stolen(say by a curious spouse) and it isn’t locked, then the thief could send a text to retrieve your PW and peek in. Or, if it is a real thief they have a short window of time to change your email address and phone number on the FB site to something that they have control over. But, I am guessing that would not be top priority usage for a stolen phone.

FB May Help Bing Tackle Google

Facebook users alert: Facebook and Microsoft are discussing an agreement that would significantly expand the search relationship the pair have shared for many years, according to AllthingsDigital.

MySpace & Facebook Tips

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