Rick “Oops” Perry calls it quits

Rick Perry won’t run again for governor of Texas. Don’t worry, however, as this bumbling fool hasn’t ruled out another run for the White House.

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Mutilation or Art?

Zombie boy.

Porn On The 4th of July

Very Particular Dimitri

Absolutely clueless & smug ass leaves messages on a girl’s answering machine.

Want to swim? Use Google Earth like these kooks!

Why worry about having your own swimming pool when you can just use someone else’s? That’s just what some people are doing with a ittle help from Google Earth. Illegally, mind you. According to the story,

“The craze involves using the Google Earth programme, which provides high-quality aerial photos of Britain and other countries. Once a target is chosen, the organisers use social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo to arrange to meet, say police…[A]lthough there were only 16 confirmed participants at the ‘event’, invitations were sent to more than 500 users on Facebook. ”

Happy swimming!

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