Dumb and Dumber

Donald Trump endorsed by Sarah Palin.

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J-Lo’s Boytoy Beau As John McCain

Yeah we know the video is a bit old, but since we found out Jennifer Lopez’s new 25 yr. old boy toy: Beau “Casper” Smart is the body behind McCain head we decided it has new relevance.

The Sarah Palin Battle Hymn

Sarah Palin has finished her book

Of course, this means she didn’t write a single line of it. Here’s David Letterman’s top ten list of Sarah Palin’s tips for writing a book.

Shatner Does Palin’s Farewell

Bill Shatner does Sarah Palin’s farewell speech as a beatnik poem as only Shatner can. If you haven’t seen him like this before check out: Has Been!

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