At approximately 8:30pm on a Monday evening at the Barnes and Noble Café, Union Square, this exchange between two strangers took place:

Middle Age Man: (upon noticing the young lady seated next him chewing on a piece of gum) Excuse me, could I have a piece of gum?

Young Lady: (with a half perplexed half confused look on her face) I don’t even know you.

Middle Aged Man: Well no, but it’s just a piece of gum.

Young Lady: Right. And because I don’t know you, I’m going to have to go with “no” on this one because I think its weird you even asked. I mean, next time at least strike up small talk that leads up to the mooching.

Middle Aged Man: Are you serious? It’s just a piece of gum. Nobody has ever said no to me before for gum.

Young Lady: I’m embarrassed for you that this is something you do often.

Middle Aged Man: Wow. What is it, like 25 cents? You can’t spare a piece of gum? Really?

Young Lady: Yeah so buy your own.

Middle Age Man: (scoffing) That kind of attitude will get you far.

Young Lady: So will begging people for gum.

The End.

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