Link Love: Paris Hilton, Chris Henry and sexy chicks driving cars

– reviews the DVD of the “Hot Tub Machine.”

– The Scores Report writes that Chris Henry’s death should motivate the NFL to take a more proactive approach when it comes to protecting players’ long-term health.

– Here’s Premium Hollywood’s part 1 recap of the Los Angeles Film Festival.

– Eat Sleep Drink Music reviews, Robert Randolph and the Family Band: We Walk This Road.

– Gadget Teaser shares its iPhone 4 impressions.

– Bottom Line Fitness thinks trans fat needs a warning label.

– Dashboard News writes that the limo and private car business will soon be changing.

– Celebrity Teaser says that Paris Hilton is partying…again.

– Uncoached compiles videos of sexy chicks driving cars.

3 car chases, 2 days, & 1 big set of brass balls. (Foundry Music)

– Cast Your Vote For Maxim’s Hometown Hotties via MoonDog Sports.

– City Rag wants to know whether it really matters that Megan Fox got married. We say no……because she’s still hot.

– The 10 Greatest Undefeated Fighters in MMA. (CagePotato)

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