Guys & Dolls

Realdoll real-life relationships. Documentary about a freakish lifestyle. A man and his soulmate doll. I like to think of myself as really know..whatever floats your boat..but these rubber dolls can be used as boats eh? 😉

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Online Dating Guide

Improve your game today!

You've got to brush up on your game to get the girl! Find your hookups with this online dating guide.

Cool Bar Tricks

Practice up for the weekend then amuse and fleece delight your friends!

Best Little Whorehouses

The top six most innovative whorehouses from around the world. One of them is even free! Of course there is a catch…

Cocaine Jesus

Higher than ever before.

Looks like the Lord wasn’t on some drug smuggler’s side. A statue of Jesus molded from six pounds of cocaine was seized in Texas, prompting the question “Does it smell as good as it looks?”

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