Who Wants To Live Forever?

Many people have dreamed of living forever but for science fiction writer and physics teacher Robert C.W Ettinger it was a life’s mission. Ettinger, who died this past weekend, was a founder of the cryogenics movement and was frozen along with both of his ex-wives with hopes of one day being brought back to life.
cryo lab

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Home-Made Solar Death-Ray

Freeman?! Is That Your Day-Job?

half life

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Females Assess Males’ Dance Moves For Mating

Human females we’re talking here! Apparently the big secret is in how fast he moves his legs. *visions of frenetic white-boys zoom through my head* Umm…I am going to have to give that survey a thumbs down. I’m pretty certain that a ‘brother’ with a slow grind is going to trump them when it comes to erotic mating dances. Am I right ladies?

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