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80 yr old Woman Plows Through DMV

This old woman was summoned to the Department of Motor Vehicles to re-take a driving test due to her age(in order to keep her license). Apparently upon arriving the vehicle failed a mechanical inspection and she was sent away to return for her exam when she could provide a safe vehicle. Watch her mow down the folks in line at the DMV.

24 Minutes 7:00am – 7:04am

First in a series of puppet parodies of the tv show “24” …starring Back Jauer of course.

Harry Potter Bares All

Ok, not really Harry…but 17-yr-old actor Daniel Radcliffe does…on-stage.

Duct Tape & Tranquilizers

Question is: What is Nasa’s plan for dealing with the astronaut that flips out in space? Perhaps they really meant this.

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