Kevin Pollak shows off his impressions on The Tonight Show

Here’s a young Kevin Pollak showing off some great celebrity impressions on The Tonight Show, including Woody Allen, William Shatner and Columbo. Johnny Carson was impressed . . .

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Hilarious Fail Compilation

Trailer Park Heroes Pt. 1

Cosplay creatures run amok and terrorize a trailer park outside of San Diego during Comic-Con International. Can our heroes save the day (and themselves) or will they get eaten alive by a nightmare menagerie of bad guys? Starring Zac Levi, Adam Baldwin, Joel Moore, Jason Biggs, and Aly Michalka. Stay tuned for new episodes leading up to Nerd Machine HQ live from San Diego 7-12-7/15.

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The Most Ridiculous Comic Book Resurrections

For superheroes, returns to the world of the living range from triumphant to shockingly dumb to outright ridiculous. Here are the 7 most ridiculous resurrections in comic book history.

Shades of Gilbert Doing Grey

Ladies, and gentlemen that want a good guffaw, it is my extremely painful duty(pardon the wordplay – but it was intentional) to inform you that Gilbert Gottfried has been signed as the celebrity voice for the audio version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Arrrghhhh, don’t even listen it will ruin the books for you forever!! Ok, go ahead..but I warned you. *sob*

Ok and for those three of you who don’t even recognize the title of the book, it is basically a Harlequin romance style book with a few ‘spanky’ moments tossed in to make it appear that the book is about bdsm. In reality it appears to be written by a woman who normally writes cheesy romance books and decided to throw a few naughty sex words in. Then, after doing her reading homework, she scrawls the trilogy causing bored housewives across America think they want spanked. 😉

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