Online Poker Strategies

Online poker has seen a surge of popularity in recent years, mainly because it’s available to play day or night and comes with a variety of options traditional casinos simply don’t offer.

For starters, many sites allow you to play poker for free. Others will match a certain percentage above your initial deposit. This is great for those wanting to play purely for entertainment, or brush up on their skills, without worrying about losing too much money.
Whether you play for fun or play to win, there are never any lines in online poker rooms, and there are virtually thousands of themed games to choose. With so many options and real money at stake, it’s important to develop a sound poker strategy before diving in.

Avoid Beginner Pitfalls

You should always start with low-stakes poker. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game, which is slightly different from casino poker. Online gaming has a different nuance to it, which is best figured out from experience.

Many people that play poker in USA online are avid players so they tend to play more than one game at once. This is a tactic called multi-tabling and professionals even use it in live tournaments, but it’s risky for the novice. Starting out, it’s important to play one table at a time until you experience consistent wins.

Create the Right Gaming Environment

Playing online poker in the middle of the family room can pose many distractions, which may cause you to lose money if you lose focus. Treat online poker like traditional casino poker. Sit at a desk in a supportive chair, preferably in a closed office away from distractions.

If you do get to the point where you want to try your hand at multi-tabling, it’s important to have a high-resolution monitor, an ergonomic mouse, and even a wrist pad. More than just being physically comfortable, these considerations will help you avoid eyestrain and pain from prolonged playing.

Be Persistent

You can’t expect to win right off the bat. Poker takes practice and persistence, so try not to give up too easily. There have been many reports of online poker players working their way up to multi-tabling, high stakes games, and massive payoffs. Although rare, none of these players would have gotten there had they not been determined to be the best player they could possibly be.

Above all else, have fun. Online poker may provide a few payoffs here and there, but it’s best experienced as an exciting form of online entertainment.

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