Party like a rich stock broker

The debauchery of “The Wolf of Wall Street” has gotten men all over the world all geared up to party like a rock star, or a stock broker with millions to burn. Of course that’s unrealistic on a daily basis, but this is why places like Las Vegas and sites like Models Escort Agency and Select Sydney Escorts are so popular. Guys want the booze, babes and parties. We want to live the fanatsy! That’s who we are, and it’s even more true of the poor sap with the chubby wife and three ungrateful kids.

OK, that might be stretching the desperation of most married men, but all guys love a good party and hot babes. We all want a gorgeous blonde like Margot Robbie to party with and to be our girl toy in a penthouse hotel suite. That’s the fantasy, and as much as movies like this offer a good story, great directors like Martin Scorcese understand that the excesses in this film are the main attraction. Of course he knows to work with great and charismatice actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, but he certainly doesn’t skimp on the scenes where they’re partying like maniacs with escorts and party babes. The eye candy in this movie is incredible, only outdone by the number of F-bombs being thrown around. It’s enough to make “Scarface” seem like a family movie!

This looks like a real star turn for Margot Robbie as well, as she’s much more than just a drop-dead gorgeous blonde. She has talent and charisma as well, and she’s on her way to serious sex symblo status if she plays her cards right and keeps taking good roles.

As for Leo, he’s up for an academy award for this film, and he’s very deserving of getting one. I think he’s underrated as an actor. But he’s also known for enjoying the good life, so at least in the party scenes, did he even have to act? The guy is surrounded by willing hotties all the time!

So we probably can’t replicate the wolf’a life from the movie, and certainly not Leo’s life, but we can fantacize about it, and when the time and place are right, we can dive right in . . . at least for a booze and babes filled weekend!

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Jennifer Lawrence talks sex toys

We love celebrities who feel free to talk about anything, and Jennifer Lawrence seems to fit into that category. Here she’s telling a funny story about a maid finding a bunch of gag gifts, which happened to be a bunch of butt plugs. Now even if she’s joking around, the sight of Jennifer Lawrence discussing sex toys is immediately arousing. The smile on her face makes the whole thing that much more enjoyable. Still, she now has to understand that “Jennifer Lawrence butt plugs” will be a phrase trending on Google search.

The real reason you watch HBO . . .

This is hilarious!

Agent Provocateur knows how to sell lingerie

Here’s a pretty incredible commercial from the good folks at Agent Provocateur as they hired Penelope Cruz who loaded it up with amazing models sporting the sexy lingerie.

Celebrities chase dreams at World Series of Poker

The popularity of poker these days knows no bounds, so you have tons of celebrities chasing dreams like winning the World Series of Poker. Everyone is obsessed with WSOP poker these days, with legions of poker wannabes are sharpening their skills online and playing as much as possible to hone their skills.

Can you blame the celebrities for getting consumed with poker? Many of them have more money than they know what to do with, along with a ton of free time. Frankly, is a much better way to spend their time when you consider how many celebrities destroy their lives with drugs and alcohol.

This year’s WSOP tournament attracted all sorts of celebrities, from actors like Ray Romano to athletes like Paul Pierce. The skill and results vary greatly, but the cool thing is that these guys are enjoying themselves and chasing a dream that they share with the ordinary Joe. One of my favorites is Jason Alexander, who has been playing in the tournament for years and seems to have a very healthy sense of humor about the whole thing as you can see in the video above. Big surprise! He’s also been chronicling his experiences in Las Vegas for the tournament in series of blog posts on the Sports Illustrated website. His “Talkin’ Flop” series is a great read for poker fans and fans of Alexander in general. In a way I’d love it if he did the whole thing as his “George” character, but that of course would be a poker disaster for him. He takes this too seriously to view it simply as entertainment. He’s also sporting a new hairdo as Alexander has put the balding George behind him.

In any event, many of us dream about playing in this tournament, but not everyone can follow through. It’s easier for celebrities, but really anyone can do it. So start practicing and saving your pennies, and maybe in a couple of years this can be you!

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