The Most Ridiculous Comic Book Resurrections

For superheroes, returns to the world of the living range from triumphant to shockingly dumb to outright ridiculous. Here are the 7 most ridiculous resurrections in comic book history.

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Science Gets Burned By Prometheus

Hollywood is interested in telling a story, and if scientific accuracy gets in the way, well, it’s getting run right over.

Peek At MS Surface Tablet Offering

A quick look at Microsoft’s competitive offerings in the iTablet field.

First look review:

Kindle Fire Over iPad?

Say it ain’t so. But maybe, for the general user, it may be every bit as good for only a third the price. An iPhone owner and Cnet reviewer tells why it is worth considering.

Game Technology Allows Unlimited Detail

Now, if you are even remotely aware of what it takes to create graphic image in fine detail..this will BLOW YOUR MIND.

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