Grocery Cart Jousting

..cuz what’s more fun on a Saturday night?

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“Are” Kids Protest

Ok so apparently a bunch of seniors are protesting a decision made by Fort Worth school district officials. Students who did not pass the mandatory TAKS test are not permitted to graduate. These students will be banned from walking across the graduation stage to receive diplomas. In a show of solidarity many students are now picketing. Check out the sign the student holds up. I am pretty certain back in my school the word “our” was spelled O-U-R not A-R-E. Hmm…wonder why that damn school board is objecting to these kids’ graduation. 😉

Nancy Grace Gets Owned

By her own staff member?

Caught Masturbating By Mom

But the more embarassing bit is Mom’s little speech afterward…from a “seventies” PSA.

Who Put The Freakin’ In Fries?

Funny little video with a familar clown face.

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