Masturbation Cult

This commune has a 7am practice of a dozen women, naked from the waist down, lie with eyes closed in a velvet-curtained room, while clothed men huddle over them, stroking them in a ritual known as orgasmic meditation — “OMing,” for short.

The founder of the One Taste Urban Retreat Center, Nicole Daedone, sees herself as leading “the slow-sex movement,” one that places a near-exclusive emphasis on women’s pleasure — in which love, romance and even flirtation are not required.

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Shameful ShamWow Guy

Vince Shlomi, best known as television’s ShamWow! guy, was arrested in Miami last month…for beating up a prostitute.

Hot girl juggles her melons

Many invisible women slave under the hot sun to provide the state of California it’s nourishment.

That Personal Ad SUCKS

Ok so check out this hilarious website that posts public responses to real personal ads that ..well.. don’t quite understand the concept of how to attract a woman.


For everyone that has been annoyed by some asshole taking up two parking spaces.

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