Lindsay Lohan busts out in The Canyons

Lindsay Lohan The Canyons2

Perpetual bad girl Lindsay Lohan is getting more acting roles lately as she’s been able to control herself a bit. Fortunately, she’s also letting it all hang out as she’s appearing nude in more films. In her latest role, the independent film “The Canyons,” Lindsay give us some great scenes where she shows off her ample chest, and you can see for yourself on MrSkin. She may be a nut, but she looks fantastic nude.

Lindsay Lohan The Canyons1

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Kate Upton vs Lindsay Lohan in super bouncing boobs battle

Kate Upton has become an celebrity sensation, while Lindsay Lohan and a burned out d-lister these days. Still, they’re both built pretty well, and Lindsay gives Kate a serious challenge in this hilarious video from TMZ.

Everybody loves bouncing boobs, so see which hottie takes the prize here. Both videos are impressive, but we have to go with Kate. She’s just gorgeous and still fresh as hell. Everything about her gets attention these days, even videos where Kate Upton milks a cow. She’s the ultimate pin-up girls, while Lindsay is in and out of trouble.

Disney Housewives

A hilarious SNL spoof featuring LilLo.

Lindsay Lohan looks like a strung-out idiot

So lame.


Say It Ain’t So

According to US Weekly poptart Lindsay Lohan & girlfriend Sam are currently “taking a break” (Samantha got a locksmith). Samantha Ronson’s family inquires about taking out a restraining order against Lindsay in case she “lashes out”. Wonder if LilLo will be back on boys now…hmm.

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