Top five sex toys for naughty adults

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It really doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not, sex toys are always welcome. They are great to spice up your love affair and bring new elements into the mix. And just in case you really don’t have a partner at the moment, and feel you shouldn’t be looking for one at this time, some of these sex toys will most definitely ease your day.

I’ve looked at a number of different sex toys sites, like ToyDemon, trying to see which are the most popular and most sold toys out there, so without further ado I present to you this list:


One of the best reviewed and most 5-starred item on this list is SHARE’s double penetrating dildo. It’s made out of 100 per cent medical-grade silicone, it has a good grip and it’s very easy to use.
This dildo comes in one shape only, but varies in colours, so you can find yours in purple, black or skin colour, and it will cost you no more than $89.95 at the moment. The seller guarantees double lust and double pleasure, and looking at all of the reviews posted, I can see they have a point.

# 4: Go Anal Step

Anal beads are one of the most popular naughty items out there. And Go Anal Step is no exception. With the variation in number of beads and colours, it’s most likely the best possible gift for your significant other. Go Anal Step costs only $10.95, and is considered best-buy for beginners in mind, which is probably why it’s one of the most sold items online. Just remember that joke: Count them before they go in, and then again when they come out. The number should be the same. If there’s less, seek medical attention. If there’s more, you have a magic ass.

#3: Meiki Pure Hip Auto

Third on our countdown list comes the first product for men – the Meiki Pure Hip Auto. This item, found on the ToyDemon site is a hip simulator with the addition of an Auto version, which adds dual rotating bead attachment and an optional sound function. With the Pure Hip comes an additional controller which activates the rotating motion and can activate the moaning sound for extra realism. There’s also a headphones input jack if you wish to listen in privacy.

It’s easily cleaned with the through-hole system, and brings the most realistic stimulation with curved internal structure and great textures.

#2: Love Body Aki Air Doll

Air dolls are still as popular as ever, and Love Body Aki Air Doll is (living) proof. Aki is the 4th generation of the popular Japanese Love Body air doll series, and one of the most sold items. The doll has full arms and legs in a sitting position that allows for multiple angles of use. It will also work perfectly with the Love Body Aki Hole, and it costs $42.95.

# 1: Fairy Pocket Mini

It doesn’t strike me as odd that a vibrator made it to the very top of our list. It also doesn’t strike me as odd that it was the Fairy Pocket Mini device, as well. This vibrator is one of the smallest rechargeable massage wands out there. This one-inch head vibrates at 11,000 rpm with two modes of power levels, and can be charged using a USB port and cable. The rechargeable battery within is fully charged in about 90 minutes and can go on for about 70 minutes on a single charge. The Fairy Pocket Mini costs $49.95.
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