Top 3 Casino Scenes in Movies

The setting of a movie can make a significant impact on the plot and character of that movie. In many movies, casinos appear providing a certain affect. In some movies, casinos have a major role while in others it is more of a supporting role.

“Maverick” is a movie that provides one of the best casino scenes. Set in the Old West, this movie revolves around gambler, Bret Maverick. The film features a poker tournament which has very high stakes. As the drama unfolds, Maverick makes his way to the final round of the tournament. The best scene is where he wins the tournament and contributes to the drama by slowly rolling his cards one at a time.

The movie, “21”, is based on the real life story of the MIT blackjack team. The members of the team organize an elaborate card counting scheme for the game of blackjack. As a result, they end up taking many top Vegas casinos for significant amounts of money. The scenes that show the team at work are definitely top casino scenes to remember.

Another movie that includes a blackjack scene is “Austin Powers”. This scene doesn’t follow the game authentically but does provide a humorous look at the game combined with Austin Powers’ x-ray vision. In the scene, Powers’ hits a hand that no self-respecting blackjack player would. Of course, due to his special vision, he knows more than the other players.

In the game of blackjack, players must be able to read what the dealer is showing as well as their cards to determine their next move. It is always a good idea to assume the card face down for the dealer is a 10 count card. This makes it easier to decide whether or not to take a hit on one’s hand to try to get as close to 21 without going over. Online casinos like riverbelle
are excellent places for those movie viewers at home to try out this exciting game.

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