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Watch this Eagle snag a shark out of the water . . .

This is amazing:

Hilarious Kitten & Bunny Wrestling

I think the bunny wins on points.

Weirdest Looking animals

People have all sorts of weird pets. Snakes, for example; I actually know at least 3 people who have snakes as pets. One of them has a green looking snake in an aquarium that she has filled with plants and shrubs. She often does not close the top lid of the aquarium, and I have had tense moments looking for that snake under the mattress and in the cupboard. I don’t care if it bites or not; I don’t want to find out the hard way. I have had a terrible experience with a python (?) that someone I know used to keep as a pet. I had stayed over for the night, it was wintertime, and sometimes in the middle of the night I felt a cold, slimy thing crawling into bed with me. Throughout the rest of the hellish night I stayed awake, with the snake next to me. I never want to repeat that experience. Snakes are, according to me, weird looking animals that should be left alone in the wild or locked up in a zoo.

I find bulldogs funny too. In fact, a bulldog is probably one of the funniest looking animals around. It has that funny, perpetual sad look as if someone is constantly trying to feed petmeds down its throat. And that pugilist face – oh, there’s nothing like it in gods’ creation. The bulldog, I think, was made so people don’t take their dogs too seriously.

Lemurs are strange looking creatures too. I have someone in the family – not the immediate family, I couldn’t have withstood the libel – keeps a lemur as a pet. The creature has an almost human-like face, and on more than one occasion I am confident I have seen it smile.

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