Lara Croft Tomb Raider – E3 2012 Exclusive Crossroads Trailer

Tomb Raider: Crossroads and the rebirth of the ultimate gaming heroine

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John Carmack’s Soon To Be $500 VR Headsets

John Carmack has been building a virtual reality headset in his spare time. He’s showing it to people behind closed doors at this year’s E3, tucked away inside the Bethesda booth, and described it as “probably the best VR demo the world has ever seen.” Click here to watch the video demos.

The goggle screens completely cover your vision, meaning the only thing you can see are scary corridors and flying heads. Character movement works more traditionally however, with players using a controller to walk around and shoot, while the goggles function as a head-tracker. If it ever comes to market as a consumer product, or even if the maker kits are reasonably accessible, it sounds like the perfect thing for hardcore ArmA(armed assault) players or flight sim enthusiasts.

Hottest E3 Booth Babes

Despite attempts to ban them or reduce their sex appeal, booth babes are back to their former babelicious glory!

Super Mario Live At E3

It’s that time again and look who showed up for the festivities, Super Mario himself.
editor: The big news so far at E3 is Microsoft’s big reveal of Project Natal: The “controller-free” gaming experience that uses gestures and the spoken word to interact with the game software. One possible game: Ricochet – a Breakout-like game in which the entire body is used to bounce balls at blocks. Microsoft said that over 1000 development kits began shipping to game developers Monday (June 1st, 2009).

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